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Unsolicited Wedding Photography Testimonials

Dear Gregory,

I want to thank you for being our wedding photographer and doing what I felt was a really tremendous job. As I mentioned on the phone, I was amazed by the quality of pictures you took and especially by the number of really great shots. We've been able to use/send out almost every picture you took which was a really unexpected bonus for us. I especially liked the reception pictures you took and the informal pictures both at our house and at the church. I'm glad you enjoyed the vegetarian dinner and, as I commented, a number of guests mentioned how nice you were in addition to being such a good and talented photographer.

Again, thank you for helping us with this special time and best of luck in the future.


Katy Gold

handwritten thank you note for wedding photography

Dec. 28, 2008

Dear Gregory,

Please forgive this very late note.

Thank you for taking pictures at Jenny's bat mitzvah in September. It was a great pleasure to work with you, and we are delighted with the pictures you gave us.

I love that you captured people in action, unposed largely. The pictures tell about the feeling of the event and what truly happened there - not just who was there. Somehow you always found your way to where the action was - when our friends started swing dancing in the corner, or when the kids spontaneously hoisted each other up.

Thank you again for all of the care you took in preserving memories of Jenny's bat mitzvah.

Best wishes,

Caroline Nathans

P.S. - I would be happy to serve as a referral if you ever need one

thank you note for bat mitzvah photography
wedding photography thank you note


Thank you so much for being part of our wedding, and for the wonderful pictures to help us remember the day. The pictures turned out terrific! We have received several comments about how great they are.

You were really able to catch some great shots of so many things we may missed if you wouldn't have got them. We truly love & appreciate that!

Thank you, Ryan & Jackie Dukes



The wedding pictures came out great!

We wanted to tell you thanks for all of your hard work and patience. Everyone was impressed by you. Many people commented - - "That guy was everywhere!" Thanks again,

Margaret (Meg) Patulski and Mike Delduca

thank you note for wedding photography

Dear Greg,

The pictures for our wedding August came out great! We couldn't be happier with the results. The posed photos came out especially nice in the gardens. Thank you for doing such a great job. We'll try to send you more work if our friends need a photographer in the future.


Meg echoes my sentiments exactly. We only wish you had taken the photos in Spain as well!

Thanks again,


Mike Delduca

wedding photography thank you note


Dear Greg,

We just wanted to thank you for photographing our wedding. The pictures are wonderful. Our parents are happy as well since we were able to put together albums for them and give them as Christmas presents.

Please feel free to use our names for references (we know you probably have plenty already).

All best wishes to you in the new year.

Sara Talpos and Jason Knight

thank you note for wedding pictures


Thank you so much for being our photographer at our wedding! We are very excited about all of the awesome shots you captured. Many of our friends and family have commented on how few "bad" photos were taken! It's great to have so many great ones!

Thanks again for being willing to shoot a same-sex wedding! If you ever need a reference, just let us know!

Thanks so much!


Dear Gregory,

Thank you so much for the discs full of beautiful photos!

We really appreciated your calm unobtrusive approach to your work.

We will cherish the memories of our special days thanks to you!

We hope to use you again!


Martha & Eric Young


e-mail messages:


First off - THANK YOU!!

Before the wedding, I had a few past-brides telling me not to get my hopes up when it came to the wedding photos. No matter what, each bride had something she was not happy with.

If only I could turn back time and send each of them to you!!

Ken and I picked up our photos from Foto-1 a week ago today. Since then, we've shown them to five of our seven parents. Our parents' one complaint was that it was too hard to choose what photos to take--because the were all so good!

I loved the fact that you took pictures of the same group as both close-ups and as full-body shots. We all also loved the candid photos ...me sticking my tongue out at Ken; the flower girl hugging my legs; and the series of photos when one of the ushers swiped my husband's hat--just to name a few.

Thank you so much!

Kim and Ken Lindow

I’ve been meaning to write to tell you how much we love the photos. I’ve been through them numerous times and couldn’t be happier. You were wonderful. Thank you so much. Happy holidays. Kristen


    Hi this is Marc, the other half of Amy & Marc. I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am, your pictures were really great and the way or the vibe you brought to the Wedding was an amazing gift. I know this event will be in Amy & my heart for ever, but your pictures help us re-live the event over and over. Thanks,


Greg, we love your pictures of Shira's wedding.  Thanks for your great work!  Jonathan

Dear Greg,

Now that we've finally moved into our apartment on campus and unpacked, we've been looking at the pictures you took over and over.  They are absolutely incredible.  As I was experiencing it, my wedding day was the most joyful, powerful, and wonderful day I have had.  Looking at the pictures, I can relive those feelings since you really captured all the feelings and beauty of the day moment by moment.  And I love how the pictures tell stories. While our pictures really reflect all the emotions and moments of the day, during the wedding, I hardly even noticed the camera.  One of the things I like the best is that the most beautiful portraits of us with our loved ones came out of candid shots.  You really captured who we are, and I loved that it was natural.  I come out much better when I'm not posing, it turns out!  I'm working to put together a book (do you have a site that you recommend for doing this?)  I know that I will always treasure these pictures.  Thank you for taking pictures that let me relive our wedding minute by minute - and that are really "us."



Hi Gregory,

I wanted you to know that your photos have received rave reviews.  People have commented on the excellent quality of the photos.  My Mum in New Zealand, and other friends, all said that they are the best wedding photos they have seen......  They were genuine in these comments - I don't think they were making the comments just to make me feel good.  So Gregory, congratulations, your terrific work is recognized and greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

Maureen Collins


I wanted to thank you for the wonderful photos you took at our wedding. I like both the posed photos and the candid shots. I have shared many of the photos with my friends and they have all commented on how great the photos turned out. It is amazing how you were able to be so many places throughout the evening without being intrusive.

If you ever need a reference, I would be happy to share our positive experience.

Thank you for capturing so many great memories.

Kendra Gray


I just wanted to send you a quick not of thanks, the pictures you did for Susie and my wedding June are fantastic, we love them, and we love that we have all of them.

Also, many people commented on how non-intrusive you were, that you blended in.

I will certainly recommend you to anyone who asks.


Luke Shaefer

Hi Greg,

We wanted to thank you so much for your beautiful pictures of our wedding!  They are truly amazing and were so fun to go through because they made us remember each moment of the day and night.  I especially loved the ones of the flower girls and me as the sun was setting--such a cool idea!  We appreciate all your hard work, and we are so happy with the results.

Thank you again and take care,

Kristin Rosella and Eric Falkenberry

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