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Wedding Photojournalism

Perhaps you have attended weddings that were stage-managed by the photographer. You were told where to stand, when to smile, where to look and when to kiss. If that is how you want your wedding photographed, then you may not want to hire me.

If you want to forget about staging most of the photographs and just enjoy your special wedding day, then please read on. I keep a low profile while capturing the sensations of your celebration. It is often the unscripted moments that tell the story. I bring more than two decades of full time editorial photography experience to each wedding, and this experience helps me be at the right place at the right time with my camera ready.

Wedding and Commitment Ceremony Photography started as a minor part of my Ann Arbor, Michigan photography business, but has grown over the years. I use a photojournalistic approach, taking unposed photos that portray the emotions of your special day. Currently some of the biggest names in wedding photography shoot this way and have given this style the official designation: "Wedding Photojournalism." The aim of a Wedding Photojournalist is to document the day and its feeling without imposing him or herself into the situation. My clients have praised me for "being everywhere" while barely being noticed. I am comfortable photographing alternative ceremonies sometimes referred to as Commitment Ceremonies or Queer Weddings. Some couples want the look of real black and white film. I can provide this. I have my own darkroom and more than 20 years experience shooting, processing and printing black and white photos.

Editorial Photography
is what got me interested in photography. I wanted to show the human condition through photographs. My heroes were photographers W. Eugene Smith (1918 - 1978) and Roman Vishniac (1897 - 1990). After taking classes in photojournalism and photography I set up my own photographic darkroom and took photos for local newsletters. With some trepidation I took my photography portfolio to The Ann Arbor News and was delighted to be taken on as a freelance ("stringer") photojournalist. I also took photos for the monthly Ann Arbor Observer magazine.

Event Photography is different from editorial photography and photojournalism in that it is closer to advertising photography. The point is to show everybody in their best light. When I am photographing a speaker at a University of Michigan event (something I have done many many times) my job is to get images that show the speaker to advantage. I take pride in keeping a low profile while getting these photographs. I avoid using a photo flash when possible and I try not to block the sight lines of the attendees. The University of Michigan has been my major client over the past 25 years.

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